Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is POP cast the only treatment for fractured/broken bone?

The question came to mind after having to endure 1 week being in POP cast.

The purpose of the cast is (in my case) to prevent me from using my right foot so as not to displace the fractured 5th metatarsal....and that's about it. For the pain and swelling I was given drugs that do have side effects.

Having sensitive skin did not help either. After 3 days, my leg began to itch. It became so unbearable that I was not able to sleep. At times I felt like breaking the POP cast!

Since I was not able to move my foot much, other parts began to ache. My greatest fear was my leg muscle getting crammed. I was able to reduce the muscular pain by taking herbal medication.

A week later, when I went for my follow up, I pleaded with the doctor to take off the POP cast. He agreed to do so but at my own risk.

After the MA took off the POP cast, I got to wash my leg. The pleasure of being able to do so is like having been released from a confinement!!

My leg felt rough because of eczema. The MA then applied a 1/2 cast, which I took off as soon as I got home!

Now that the POP cast is off, I'm able to treat my injured foot which is still swollen and bruised:

  • soak in hot salt water to speed bone healing
  • hot herbal compress to treat swelling and bruises, and muscular pain
  • herbal oil to treat muscular pain
Of course I still move around using crutches....but movement is easier now that my leg is much lighter....and going to the bathroom is no longer a problem!

So, I there no other means of treating fractured/broken bone other than POP cast?

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