Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tenggol Island here we come!

By the time we got to the jetty, the others were already there.

I was quite anxious upon seeing the boat. Its much smaller than the one I took to Langkawi from Kuala Perlis. It could carry about 30 passengers.

The boat ride was very challenging. It felt as if the boat was going to break into pieces whenever it was tossed up and down on the choppy sea. I thought that I won't be able to survive the ride. Surprisingly I was OK!

I was very relieved though once the island was in sight about 40 minutes later.

Getting off the boat was another challenge for me. There's no jetty!

We headed to the restaurant where we were required to fill in liability forms. It seems that the resort had to fork out quite a substantial amount of money when sued by the family of a visitor who met with a tragic accident. The victim was a stowaway on the island!

Breakfast time was just over when we got to the island. Luckily we bought some food in Dungun. Nora, Adi's (Yan's friend) wife, gave us some 'nasi lemak' and 'nasi dagang'. We helped ourselves to the hot drink which is free flowing at the restaurant.

After breakfast we headed to our chalets which front the beach.

The group of youngsters were given chalets on the hill slope.

Yan and I took unit no. 2 whilst Yana and Adek took no.3.

Each unit is quite spacious. We didn't really need two separate units, but we were given two anyway.

Next, into the sea.......the water is so clear that you can see the sea bed.....and the sand is as fine as castor sugar!!

Yana and Adek showing just how clear the water is.

We stayed in the sea till it was time for lunch.

Lunch was rice accompanied by fried 'ikan kembong' in oyster sauce, prawn 'sambal' and stir fried mixed vegetable.

It was too hot to be in the sea. We chose to have a siesta.

Adek went for tea on her own. The rest of us would rather continue with our siesta!

In the sea again till it was time for dinner.

This was our dinner....briani rice, chicken, beef and vegetable salad.

Chit-chatting with Adi and Nora.

According to the two there are Vietnamese graves on the island. Some Vietnamese seeked refuge there. Once on the island they burned their boat because they did not want to be sent back to Vietnam. They finally died of starvation!

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