Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another blissful day on Tenggol Island

The day began early with a ride on the swing.

Breakfast was from 7.30 a.m till 8.00 a.m because the generator is turned off at around 8.00 a.m and turned on again at about 7.00 p.m. We had 'nasi lemak' and toast with jam.

While having breakfast another group of 40 guests arrived. They were Razak's friends and their family. Razak is one of the siblings who is the beneficiary to the beach resort.

Then, we headed into the sea again. The water was quite cool in the morning. That part of the sea is in the shade of the mountain since the sun rises from the other side of the island.

Guests from Tanjung Jara Beach resort arrived in small boats to enjoy the beach and the sea for the day. There were also other day trippers.

Lunch was at 12.30 p.m. We had white rice with fried kerisi in sweet sour sauce, squid in oyster sauce and stir fried sawi.

After lunch, we strolled to the other end of the beach.

There are two other smaller resorts at the other end. Though the whole stretch of the beach belongs to the same family, one of the resort (the one in the middle ) is leased to a non family member. The beach there is not as nice as the one we're staying at.

Yan made arrangements for the 3 of them to go scuba diving. Since Razak, a certified diving instructor, had already gone out to sea with his nieces, nephews and friends, we had to wait till 4.

Setting up for the dive.

All set and ready........

They were only taken down 5m. Yana only went down 3m since she was having difficulties with her oxygen tank which could not be strapped properly. Razak wanted to take them down 10m but Yan was worried about the strap holding Yana's oxygen tank which was too loose for her. Had they gone down 10m they would've been able to see Nemo and friends!

I didn't join the 3 diving. I don't even know how to float, let alone swim! I'm glad I didn't join them . Though the 3 had a lot of fun but not without difficulties. They even killed a few corals! It was awkward for them to move with huge flippers.

Finally they swam back to shore just before 7.00 p.m.

We had chicken rice for dinner.

A group of tourist who 'd been travelling in yachts were also at the restaurant for dinner. According to one of them they'd been sailing from France for about 8 months.They didn't sound French to me....but more like Aussies.

Lounging after dinner while Yana downloaded photos from Razak's camera.

I was in the bathroom when the lights suddenly went off !! Aminah was then performing Maghrib & Isya'. I managed to find my way to the veranda. The lights were on again a few minutes later. I went back into the bathroom for wudu'.

Just as I was about to finish the lights went off again! Then, no one else was in the chalet. Yan was still at the restaurant socialising while Yana and Adek had returned to their chalet. I went to the veranda and called out to the girls. Adek was supposedly to be asleep but Yana was chatting online. So, she brought the notebook and continued chatting on my veranda. After performing Maghrib & Isya' I asked Yana to stay put till Yan returned. She was staying up anyway.

As I was about to doze off, the air-conditioner suddenly switched off! I called out to Yana who was still in the veranda to switch it on.

Later on it switched off again! I sensed that Yan has returned, so I asked him to switch it on again............................zzzzzzzzzzz

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