Thursday, January 29, 2009


My elder sister, Zuriyati (Joi), who is residing in Kucing sent me a text message saying that she has just been informed by her doctor that both her kidneys are failing and she will have to go for dialysis. I couldn't bring myself to call her. I wonder if she's in hospital?

I have been reciting the surah Yaasin and praying for her well being. I'll try to do that everyday. That's about all I can do for her anyway. If she's in Ampang I'll definitely be paying her a visit. But then she's in Kucing now.

Joi has often been ill. In fact, as our cousin Asma said, the news of Joi being ill is nothing surprising. When she was living in Ampang she was often down with a fever or having a high blood pressure. She would sometimes even be admitted to the hospital. Even her house is near Ampang Putri Hospital!

In addition to kidney failure and high blood pressure, Joi also underwent an operation to correct her bent femur and slipped knee cap. She had the operation a few years back. But since then she has not been able to bend her left leg.

Having to go for dialysis I suppose tops all the other ailments that Joi suffers from. I pray that she be strong in facing whatever challenges that this illness should bring and that she overcomes them all. I will always pray for her well being and good health.

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