Friday, January 1, 2010

A reflection...

The year 2009 has passed us by. Its been a good year for some but not for others. But was it a year of catastrophe as predicted here?

Some might have experienced some kind of misfortune, gone through some unfavourable experiences, met with some sort of accidents, lost their loved ones, lost their jobs, lost their fortune and so on and so forth. In spite of all the negativity experienced by some, to label the year 2009 as a year of catastrophe in the 21st century would be totally inappropriate.

Though the year 2009 might not have been so good to some, it has been a wonderful and prosperous year for many others.

Some might have faced some setbacks along the way but managed to get back on track. Those who did not will continue to strive to overcome whatever problems they should be facing.

I for one am very grateful to be blessed with a wonderful year. Like many others, I too did have to face with a few glitches. I believe that all that happened, have their reasons and

"To every cloud there is a silver lining"

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