Friday, January 16, 2015


A few years back a couple of school friends organised a reunion.  Some of us, especially me have not met each other since we left school...that was for about 20 years.

I can still remember what one of the guys said when we were talking:

"Belajar sampai over sea....balik jadi cikgu je?"....then he works with PETRONAS at the twin towers!! 

 Does he still work there?  Who cares !!

I was not trained to teach the subject that I was teaching in school. So, to ensure that I get the required knowledge I took a part time post graduate course at a local university.

When I was attending a class, this one lecturer was going on how she did a course in education and came back as a lecturer.  On the other hand, she continued...the likes of me and a few others, went over seas to do a course in Engineering or Accountancy or whatever, when we returned we end up as only teachers.

FYI...both lecturers and teachers are educators.  The difference between the two are the level of education they provide.....primary....secondary....tertiary.  All play a part in providing education.

When I was a school teacher, the teachers are not allowed to operate the Photostat machine which was located in the administrations' office.....nanti rosak!!!

There are many other incidents belittling the teaching profession that I experienced.  These are all for now. For sure....

Indeed that's what we educators are.  Else you wouldn't be able to even read this.

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