Monday, December 29, 2014

THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA name but a few.  Via these media, news travel at the click of a finger.  They can be very effective when we need to spread whatever it call for name it. 

Some has resort to blogging to air their grouses....or to seek justice . 

To get the message to wider audience the posting is then shared on Facebook...then on whatsApp.  It got passed on to various groups. 

That certainly put the message across to whom it may concern.

The social media has certainly proven to be very effective in spreading news...though sometimes the news being spread can be false.

When it comes to getting people media is the most effective tool.  You only need to send to one group of friends.  Each will then send to another group of friends....and it goes on and on.  To get wider coverage, get the message posted on Facebook.  Once it gets viral the outcome will be awesome !

Social media when utilised with responsibility will definitely benefit the mass.  But once abused it can definitely create chaos.

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