Sunday, February 2, 2014


Been a long time indeed since my last posting.

I've been involved in several business ventures since I can remember when.  Profitable?...Yes...but not that much.

Middle of last year, another business opportunity came along by chance.  Not very convincing then.  But what the is the part where I took a risk.

I parted with almost RM5k in late July last year.  Money changed hands at a foodcourt.  TawakkalAllah....

It turns out to be very legit and most profitable.

The investment I made is for a one year contract to post 5 ads for a company based in the USA.  For each advertisement posted I get paid USD20 per week.
It only takes about 5 minutes to post all 5 ads per day and I get paid USD100 per week.  Pretty neat eh?
After 52 weeks I will get a total of USD5200 for an investment of USD1425.  Do the maths!
Ofcourse there's a risk.  There's always a risk in whatever business we venture into.
For this particular investment, I've already crossed that threshold.  After 3 and a half months, I've got back my USD1425.  I'm now reaping the profit from this simple yet very rewarding business.

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