Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scientists reveal new uses for Gum Arabic

Scientific studies have recently revealed new uses for Gum Arabic , categorizing it as a food product that provides the human body with important nutrients and contributes to combating many diseases.

Scientists have revealed that the Gum Arabic, which have been used as a resin over the years, is actually a food supplement of great importance for the body and also a food for the good bacteria as it supports it in the face of harmful bacteria.

Gum Arabic is a prebiotic and constitutes an important food supplement that provides the body with energy and helps enhancing the performance of the intestine. It produces short-term fatty acid which provides the body with energy and helps in enhancing the function of the intestine.

Medical advantages

Medical research conducted at Ahmed Qassim and Ja’far ibn Aouf hospitals in Sudan and at al-Qasr al-Aini in Egypt on Gum Arabic have proven that it is effective in treatment of many diseases such as the intestine diseases. It has also been proven to be incredibly effective in the treatment of sensitive skin diseases, constipation, diarrhea, dryness, nerve colon, diabetic, oestomalacia of children, hyperactivity and cholesterol.

Gum Arabic has been used in the treatment of diseases such as flu and diarrhea in some African countries. of Gum Arabic has also been proven to be effective in reducing the infection rates of heart diseases and cholesterol besides increasing the insulin efficiency.

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