Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why Buy Gold?

The Allure of Gold

For more than 2,000 years, individuals have owned gold for a wide variety of reasons. Investors and collectors have sought gold as a storehouse of wealth, a proven method of passing savings to the next generation, a shield against tyranny and as a beautiful memorial of past civilizations and accomplishments.

The allure of gold remains compelling for modern investors for many reasons, including: gold's status as a safe haven asset, gold's ability to offer a hedge against inflation and fluctuations in the dollar, gold's reputation as an internationally recognized monetary and financial asset and the portfolio diversification benefits of owning gold and precious metals.

Safe Haven

Gold has survived inflation, deflation, fiat currencies, financial crises and natural calamities. For centuries, owning this metal has provided intrinsic value, a storehouse of value and helped assure a measure of wealth for future generations. Gold may be countercyclical to traditional asset classes, especially in unsettled times. That is why gold is commonly referred to as a "safe haven" asset.


Tangible assets like physical gold can add diversity to your portfolio. Among other things, gold can move independently of stocks and bonds and has the potential to appreciate in times of economic uncertainty such as inflation and a weak national currency. Many investment experts believe that adding gold to a portfolio may improve its performance.

Intrinsic Value

Gold is a physical, tangible asset with recognized intrinsic value.

From: Goldline International Inc.

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