Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pengemis yang vogue

As I was going out this morning, tetiba je appeared seorang aci dengan anak lelaki (primary school age). As expected, dia nak mintak sedekah. Katanya, "Saya susah kakak"......bla bla bla. Tak kuasa nak dengar. I'm heartless? Well...hold on to your horses....cerita belum habis... The littla boy was holding his mother's handbag (assuming they're mother and son!). Both are well groomed...putih bedak muka kedua-duanya! Aci tu ikut menuju kereta. I told her, seeing that she's rather healthy and "well fed", "kalau cakap nak kerja untuk dapatkan duit tak pe juge". Aci tu continued her sad story. As I got into my car I told her off..."rambut tu boleh dye...nak mintak sedekah?"...rambut die ada shades of brunette tu!! She mumbled her excuse and walked off. Later on as I was driving home, I noticed the aci and her son walking along the road and this time she's holding a plastic bag with a few things in it. I pulled over to observe what she's gonna do. True enough she entered someone's compound.....the gate was slightly ajar. I drove off home. I waited for the two to pass by. Soon after I saw them approaching. I told her that I'm going to call the police since I saw her entering someone else's compound. Cepat-cepat die kate dia nak balik.....aik? She lives nearby? Seriously?

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