Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My daughter, Liyana, got to know of this handphone from her friend. I was at school when she called to ask if I'm interested since the price is a steal with all the features available. I thought that she was at the store looking at the phone.

When I got home from school she told me that the phone will be delivered shortly (?)

The dealer came around 8.30 pm. He is from Kajang. He and his wife are UIAM grads.

I am very impressed with the features incorporated in the gadget. I'm thinking of giving it to my youngest, Aminah. It'll be very useful for her to brush up on her 'hafazan'.

Though I'll find it useful as well, unfortunately I'm not as tech-savvy as the kids. Furthermore, I can't really see the small images on the screen. I'm very happy with my ol' phone. It might not be as sophisticated, but it still serves its purpose just fine.

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