Friday, April 24, 2015

An accident or intentionally caused?

On Thursday morning, 23 April 2015, my friend and I decided to try out the new road leading to Cameron Highlands from Gua Musang rather than go through Lipis and Bentong to Putrajaya.  We were informed that there'll be less traffic and the journey would be much more comfortable.

As we entered the junction leading to Lojing we were a bit apprehensive at first.  There was a sign board at the junction stating that the road is closed at km something.  We came across similar signboard further on.  My friend drove cautiously.  After all, it was a road never travelled before as far as we were concerned.  We just couldn't imagine what might lie ahead.

We were especially apprehensive because there was no oncoming vehicle.  Another car was tailing us, also seeming unsure of the condition of the road ahead.

But as soon as a car came from the opposite direction, the car tailing us then sped past, disappearing in the distance soon after.

My friend still drove cautiously because we came across another sign board informing of a road closure ahead.  Sure enough, a stretch of the road was reduced to single lane due to a landslide that occurred last December.

Afterward we thought that the rest of the journey was going to be pleasant. 

Unfortunately, as we were approaching Lojing, past two men on a motorcycle, something appeared from nowhere and sounds like something fell or was thrown towards the car.  We didn't see anything suspicious on the road.  No piece of rock or object was visible.

Soon after my friend pulled over because she sensed something wrong with the wheel.  True enough, when I checked, the left rear wheel was flat. 

We noticed the two men on the motorcycle passing by, but we didn't suspect anything then.  They were also on the wrong side of the road, which was strange.
My friend tried to stop approaching cars.  Non stopped.  As she was unloading our luggage from the boot to get the tools for changing the tyre, I noticed a motorcycle approaching.  I hailed him over and thankfully he stopped.
The young men assisted us to change the flat tyre.  He was on his way to work.  He advised us to drive slowly and get the spare tyre changed with new ones at Kg. Raja, the nearest town from where we were.
After a very slow and careful drive, we finally found a workshop.

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