Friday, December 14, 2012

RM100 to clean a Proton Satria!

One Sunday I decided to get my newly painted yellow Satria cleaned because grey streaks had began to form on the sides of the car.

I planned to send it to this car wash in Sek. 7 Bandar Baru Bangi because of its location which is opposite Restoran Hasan which is famous for its ayam kampong goreng.

Soon as I drove into this car wash, one of the staff appeared asking for a minute to demonstrate his service.  I was hesitant but he was persistent.  So, he smeared some liquid on the hood and wiped vigorously.  This went on four times and the result was a square patch of shiny yellow.

I told the guy that I only wanted a regular wash and did not plan on spending more than RM10 on getting the Satria cleaned.  He explained that they don't do regular wash at weekends.  They only do packaged service!  It was then quite late for lunch and I was starving.  I also did have a few other things to get from the shops nearby. So, I chose the cheapest package they had, i.e. RM40 for washing and something to do with "nano" that's supposed to remove any odour in the car.

After about half an hour later, after I've completed all the task that needed done, I went back to the car wash to collect my car.  I was very shocked to find that the car did not look like its been cleaned and there's this square patch on the hood.  To top it all the interior was NOT odourless as the service claimed!  I was very angry and demanded to see the towkey.  I told the staff I'm not going to pay.  He pursuaded me to wait for his towkey to return.  I told him I'll give him 10 minutes.

The towkey did return and I told him off for the quality of service offered.  I paid him RM40 and told myself to never again go to this particular car wash.  I was still pissed off so I went to another car wash in Warta.  I spent another RM60 on wash and polish.  It was well spent because the car was then really cleaned.

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